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Tony Ferguson took a vow of silence after his five-round war with former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at . To a point, it's understandable. After a performance like that, what's left to say?

The self-proclaimed "Boogeyman" A.K.A. El Cucuy, has appeared once again out of the ether and is ready to put everyone on blast — and by everyone we mean three divisions worth of fighters, maybe even four.

On the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Ferguson straight up said he was in "ninja mode" for a long time and now he is ready for "promotional mode." If the flame emoji-worthy quotes below are of any indication, this dude is not playing around with , or anyone for that matter.

The Top 6 Quotes from T-Furg

  • "I know Conor [McGregor] don't want no part of this. I like the Khabib [Nurmagomedov] fight. [...] You got McNuggets or a Q-Tip... either way they're getting finished."
  • "Everyone is saying you need to go for the belt, you need to do this and you need to do that, I'm waving my middle finger in the air at everybody [...] I got [the lightweight division] in a chess game. These guys are going absolutely nowhere."
  • "I didn't want the 155lbs belt. I'm glad Conor [McGregor's] got that one because they have to recycle that belt. It's been in too many grubby hands. There needs to be a real champion there and that's me."
  • "I made weight with my jeans on the other day. I can go down to 145lbs or go up in weight. I'm looking at my welterweight plaque from The Ultimate Fighter and thinking I have three options. Whether it's Khabib [Nurmagomedov], Conor [McGregor] or if I have to go to 145lbs and whoop all those guys asses [I'll do it]."
  • "I'm the only name that Conor [McGregor] hasn't said, because he knows I'm like a fart that you put in the wind, I'm going to come back at you and come back at you hard, homie."
  • "Khabib [Nurmagomedov] is calling Conor [McGregor] a chicken because he's running from him and I'm calling Khabib a chicken because he's running from me. Everyone is scared of the boogeyman. Everyone is scared of the dark and looking for the flashlight, but I can see in the dark just fine."

One thing is for sure, things are interesting now. ...Maybe even a little too interesting now that the featherweight and lightweight divisions of the UFC are in a crazy flux, but Ferguson seems to have a samurai zen about the calamity. While a dark uncertainty clouds the match-ups, the Boogeyman was born in the night.

Flashback to our visit to Ferguson's secluded camp.


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