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As Conor McGregor seemingly abandons the featherweight division, it looks like Tony Ferguson may join it.

Currently on a nine-fight win streak, including a unanimous decision win over former lightweight champion , the thirty-two-year-old has placed himself in the best position for a shot at the lightweight title.

Unfortunately, Conor McGregor’s hiatus from the sport means that fight seems unlikely to happen any time soon. The potential for a contender elimination fight against is there, but it appears that may have his sights set on the featherweight division.

Speaking in a recent interview with Fox Sports, Ferguson revealed that he had a fight lined up for January which fell through. Not one to wait around, ‘El Cucuy’ revealed that a transition to featherweight would interest him, citing Kenny Florian as evidence that he too could make the cut.

“I can do it. I’m a wrestler. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m really focused. 145 would be really fun to test myself mentally, too. A lot of people, they like to climb these peaks and they like to do all these other things. I like to push my body to just extremity to get past the mental toughness barriers. So fighting at 145, that would be great. If Kenny Florian can do it, I can do it.”

A switch to 145 would certainly be an interesting move for Tony Ferguson. At six feet tall, Ferguson is already a fairly large lightweight. If he could make the cut, the he could have the potential to dominate the division, as long as the cut didn't deplete his energy.

And, perhaps he’s looking to replicate the success of Conor McGregor and capture titles in both the featherweight and lightweight division.


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