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This is prizefighting. The better a fighter gets at beating dangerous people, the more that fighter feels they need to get paid, and rightfully so. After dismantling Rafael dos Anjos, Tony Ferguson feels like he should get more from lending his violent services.

Some fighters don't care about money. Some fighters just want to rag doll 25 fighters straight into glorious victory. A single-minded beast like Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn't understand this concept. No one has ever even seen him spend money. He just flies back to Russia and the government gives him another car.

Ferguson wants money. Nurmagomedov just wants to fight. You can't really blame either side.

No question that with out, this is the best lightweight fight on the face of the Earth and something that any fight fan would love to see. However, it's also a bout with the highest of stakes and an interim lightweight title would be on the line. Ferguson didn't spend all that time in the mountains honing his ninja tactics to fight the most feared guy in the division for a pat on the back and a coupon for a free venue hot dog. Also, that collection of shades are expensive, as well as secluded training camps built with your own money.

In a fight climate where you can never be sure who is fighting until they are actually in the Octagon, who knows who or when will fight but it's clear he wants Ferguson. says Nurmagomedov actually turned down a fight with him and he admitted it; "I don't want to bully the little, I want a real battle".

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