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Tony Ferguson finally climbs down from his secluded, Big Bear training camp to fight Rafael dos Anjos this weekend.

While Ferguson was up in the mountains, he built his own gritty camp, practiced Wing Chun and focused on earning a black belt from Eddie Bravo. Not to make light of it, but it was similar to when the Ninja Turtles retreated into the quiet, zen wilderness to hone their martial arts skills before their epic fight with Shredder in the classic 90's movie.

It really does look like there is some sort of mystical energy surrounding Ferguson as he simultaneously seems to reach his figurative peak while he climbs down from a literal one. Dos Anjos was the former UFC lightweight champion, and is certainly the biggest challenge "El Cucuy" will face up to this point, but maybe Ferguson's perception has transcended beyond that.

"What I got for those [lightweights] they don't want it. I'm a threat in this division. I'm a threat at 145lbs too," Ferguson said to MMA Junkie's John Morgan. "I can cut that weight and make it, and I could jump back up to 170lbs. I have the frame for 185lbs."

"In college, I always wanted to be a multi-All American. I was two-time, I wanted to be a four-time. I hurt one of our guys. I shot a low single and I hurt his leg," Fersuson said. "I had to bump up two weight classes in order to help the team because I'm a team player. This is an individual sport and I trust my team to get me where I need to be in victory. No matter what weight class I'm at, or whoever I'm fighting, they're going to get the best Tony Ferguson that's at hand."

Speaking of what is at hand, Ferguson has a bit of the ol' ultraviolence in mind for this weekend, and wants to see blood in Mexico City on Saturday night.

"It's going down with a finish. Whether knockout or submission, I'm gonna' aim for bloody. I'm going to go out there and I'm going to cut [Rafael dos Anjos] with my elbows." Ferguson said. "He might try to hit me with some knees and some other stuff—I do hard body conditioning baby, hit me with everything that you got, and give me the fight that I want. You better bring that sh-t, RDA."

Watch the full interview below, and see how events play out tomorrow in the main event of the Latin America 3 Finale.


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