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Jim Edwards

If you’re a fan of sports stats and the UFC, there's some very welcome news coming your way.

Speaking at a Cannes Lions Marketing conference yesterday, WME boss revealed that the UFC will start collecting data from sensors placed in the fighter’s gloves, shorts, and Octagon mat.

Alongside Emanuel at the conference, UFC President explained that the statistics gathered from the sensors will be used in real-time on social media and the TV broadcast.

“We’re working on a lot of stats,” White said (reported first by NY Post). “We want to see the best knock out and it’s perfect for social media.

“Sensors might detect, for instance, that the last punch was 97 miles an hour and what the impact was, and how many punches fighters are hitting before and after training.”

Emanuel added that the technology was only six months away from being integrated, so fans could expect to see the service as early as UFC 220 on December 30.

Neither White or Emanuel mentioned who would be fronting the technology, but Fight Metric is currently the UFC’s official data and statistics partner.

Fight Metric currently powers all the official statistics on, as well as the real-time statistics that are provided on the TV broadcasts during their FOX Sports shows and pay-per-view events. Fight Metric also powers the UFC fighter rankings which are voted on by members of the MMA media, ranking the top-15 fighters in each weight class and pound-for-pound.


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