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Justin Golightly

Even before Demetrious Johnson was knocking on the door of surpassing UFC history, fans and analysts wanted him to move up in weight because they felt he was out of challenges. For awhile, a rematch with Dominick Cruz was on everyone's minds before Cody Garbrandt literally danced through him. Garbrandt even said he was down to be the guy Johnson defends against to break Anderson Silva's record. Not to be outdone, T.J. Dillashaw is the latest to say he's down for a superfight with Mighty Mouse.

Part of the reason Johnson lost to Cruz was the disparity in size. While he's still smaller than Dillashaw, Johnson matches up better with T.J. and he's also a much different fighter than he was in 2011. This may be highly unlikely, but if Dillashaw loses to to Garbrandt and if UFC puts up enough money, then Johnson has always been vocal that he'd move up. For what it's worth, MMA wizard Cruz thinks Johnson could take him.


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