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Justin Golightly

In one fell swoop, Demetrious Johnson has turned a mild-mannered Monday into chaos. He started the day off with some fiery statements aimed at the UFC and multiple officials, but drove his points home later on his profanity-laced MMA Hour appearance. In either a bit of wishful thinking or just to add fire to the flames, TJ Dillashaw logged into Instagram to call Johnson a coward by insinuating that he's a famous girl mouse instead of the superhero male mouse we all know and love.

Mini Mouse or Mighty Mouse? Don't be scared! This is the fight game, I've takin title fights on 24hrs notice. I'm already waking up at 143lbs, on my way down to put a squash to this hype. You want to call yourself the Goat then what do you have to be afraid of?!

My, how time changes people. When was first rallying for the fight against Johnson, he was quick to come to the flyweight champion's defenses on social media against anyone who dared to whisper an insult about him. Of course, why would he want someone lowering the status of a "superfight" he had in the making by making his opponent seem unworthy? That's just not good promotion.

The tables have turned now. Bypassing any points Johnson made about weight or money, Dillashaw went straight to the core of any masculine shaming technique: Fear. It's unlikely it will end up resulting in the fight happening, but you never know. After all, Johnson himself said the entire fight came about only from Twitter anyway.


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