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Tim Kennedy may have not gone out exactly the way he wanted, but he's not letting that bring him back into the Octagon: He's 100% done. His decision to walk away from the sport came right off the heels of the madness surrounding his UFC 205 bout getting canceled and the direct fallout from that. While others can't seem to stay away from fighting, Kennedy has never felt better and has maybe even moved on to other things.

Could Tim Kennedy jump right from MMA into the world of submission grappling? It sure seems like he'll follow in the same footsteps as and .

The sub-only craze has skyrocketed in the last few years, and I'm sure Submission Underground (or any of the big grappling organizations) would love to have him. Kennedy's words on feeling rejuvenated actually echo a lot of what Tate had to say when we caught up with her at .

Watch the entire Tim Kennedy segment below.


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