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It's no secret that is all about the ladies. Matter of fact, it's the sole reason why he is an MMA fighter to begin with.

He started the "I Love my B-tches" movement and has crusaded every nation he's fought in collecting as many women as he can throughout the planet like Dragonballs. The UFC kind of reined him in on the whole "b-tches" thing (thankfully), but the spirit of his conquest lives on and now he just calls them ladies!

Sometimes, you get burned when you throw yourself out their on the line in front of a pretty girl. Unfortunately, Ishihara has already took his first 'L' before UFC Belfast.

The Japanese Don Juan hit on the reporter multiple times throughout an interview through his translator. Eventually, she had to admit that she was engaged. When Ishihara found out, his pain was palpable and his face as red at the UFC logo behind him. Someone please edit his reaction in the The Simpson's episode where Lisa dumped Ralph Wiggum.

It looks like he will take out his frustrations on his Belfast opponent and McGregor camp fighter . When asked how the fight is going to go down, Ishihara said, "He's going to get smashed by the hammer, or I'll cut his throat with my katana."

UFC Fight Night: Mousasi vs. Hall 2 takes place this Saturday at SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Watch the whole interview below.


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