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Quite a rivalry has been brewing between T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt. If being the top guys in their division wasn't enough to fuel their fight, the Team Alpha Male drama has sprayed napalm all over the situation. Secret knockout video under lock and key? Two former coaches pitted against each other? One prize pupil, challenging the other for the bantamweight title? You can't write something better than this. Dillashaw recently spoke to MMA Weekly, about how he's disappointed in his friends that it came to this with Garbrandt.

"I thought we were closer friends than that. I was in his corner every fight, he was in my corner, we had a friendship for like six, seven years," Dillashaw said. "It's a little hurtful. He's shown his true colors."

"With the whole video thing, I told him, put it out. I don't really care, that's the whole point of training at a tough gym," Dillashaw said. "For one, I don't think it ever happened, I think its all made up. And two, if it did, it did. It's practice. Me, Justin [Buchholz], Cody — we all know what really happened in that practice room. We know who the better fighter is."

This all comes fresh off the heels of a very odd podcast that and Justin Buchholz had together. The two confirming the infamous knockout footage after a horrible Dillashaw impersonator calls in, isn't even the most scandalous thing they talked about. Spanning the origins of 's 'snake' comments from , and the years of the Dillashaw/Faber romance decline, Faber also had seriously harsh words about the coach Dillashaw left with — Duane Ludwig.

Season 25 of The Ultimate Fighter will be coached by Dillashaw and Garbrandt starting April 19th. Faber and Ludwig will both be on the show as well, creating one insane group destined for must-see-TV screaming sessions and heated confrontations. Wow, this all seems on purpose now.


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