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Most of the time when the UFC has one of these big press events, it's worth it to tune in. Someone is bound to say something absolutely bonkers, or maybe even try to injure their opponent with a steel chair. This summer kick off presser was important because it sets the rest of the year up, announcing events that will carry us wayward fight fans into the fall. There was the feeling an epic rivalry would be renewed and new blood would be introduced. Well, we got all of that and an entire hour of insanity.

Jon Jones v.s. Daniel Cormier 1.5

It's finally time to do it again, brother. and will fight for a second time at to crown the rightful UFC light heavyweight champion. Although, with all that bitter blood churning underneath their skin, they almost went ahead and started the beatdown before the presser. This should have been an omen that this event was going to be, as the kids say, 'lit'. There was even a water bottle thrown. C'mon Cormier, did we learn nothing from Conor McGregor?

Don't Talk About My Mom!

Not to be outdone, Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa nearly stopped the presser dead in its tracks with an all-out brawl that Twitter is still talking about. After Lee mentioned Chiesa's mom, a switch turned in Michael's head and he made a beeline straight to destroy the man who dare talk about his sweet mother. This another lesson learned folks: First, never talk about anyone's parents. Second, if a guy is wearing a shirt that looks like it was made from Macho Man Randy Savage's wrestling tights, expect something wild to go down.

Water Fighting and Death Threats

Former WSOF lightweight champion said he wanted the worst possible match-up for his debut, but had no idea it was going to be with a guy trying to literally kill him on July 7th. It doesn't matter though, because when threatened Gaethje's life, Justin was pretty damn pumped about it. As far as this bout taking place underwater or on dry land, nothing has been confirmed.

Nunes Don't Play That

Just when you thought it was safe to end a presser, another pair of fighter's almost threw down. and Valentina Shevchenko is another rematch set to go down, but nearly got started on stage. After a little tap on the cheek, Nunes shoves Shevchenko's face away with her fist. Such a smart move by Nunes and an easy way to get in your opponent's head, while not having to get a fine for actually punching them.

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