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Justin Golightly

Marcin Held just hasn't had good luck since jumping over from Bellator. He was fed immediately to Diego Sanchez and Joe Lauzon, giving him two straight losses. Things were just starting to look up. He was dominating his fight with Damir Hadzovic all the way up until the very beginning of the last round, where Hadzovic nearly took his head off with a gnarly knee.

Eager to get the fight back to the ground, Held went for the Imanari Roll on Hadzovic's legs, but got destroyed by an impeccably-timed knee. If you're not fully awake for this early morning card, that sickening thud should have sprung you right back into your senses. Unfortunately, it did the opposite for Held, who now has lost three fights straight. Don't feel bad though, even the originator or the (Masakazu) Imanari roll has suffered the same fate.


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