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Justin Golightly

After kicking most of the division in the head, Stephen Thompson came extremely close to getting UFC gold, so close in fact that the fight with Tyron Woodley was declared a rare draw. After waiting and waiting with no progress on his rematch, Thompson took to Twitter and posted his signed, sealed delivered bout agreement. He followed up this internet G-check with an appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

One thing is for sure, Woodley may not be correct about Thompson being entitled, but he is right that Thompson isn't owed anything... Even with a contract.

The ball is now in and the UFC's court. With multiple offers with other opponents on the Woodley's table, this booking decision may set the matchmaking climate of 2017. Thompson has taken care of his end of the deal, now we wait see at if Wonderboy gets his rematch, or gets booked for a money fight outside of the division.

Listen to Wonderboy's full interview on the MMA Hour.


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