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Justin Golightly

It's hard to get a fight out there. Six wins in a row or nine wins in a row just doesn't guarantee you a title shot anymore, and immediate rematches are as rare as a gogoplata submission. Even a signed contract is no indication you'll the opponent you want, just ask Khabib Nurmagomedov. Now, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson has publicly shared his bout agreement with Tyron Woodley to entice a rematch.

There's only one problem: Woodley has three other people he'd rather fight instead of Thompson. He's been vocal about 'spewing' 's blood all over the Octagon, has just ignited a feud with for a super fight, and still wants to welcome back in the most violent fashion. Besides, Woodley still believes he already beat Thompson in the first place.

Stephen Thompson is doing all he can to try and get this fight. Meanwhile, through genital jokes and hard statistics, is stacking up his evidence as to why he shouldn't accept.

With no title fights in 2017 besides the new women's featherweight title to be claimed next month, the UFC matchmaking white board will need to have two names written up there soon with the "(c)" doodled next to at least one.

We caught up with Woodley after UFC 205.


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