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Michael Phelps is swimming against a shark, Conor McGregor is boxing Floyd Mayweather, and Snoop Dogg is going to be a play-by-play commentator for the UFC. Honestly, all of those seem like they would be headlines from The Onion, but this is real life and they are all totally happening. Brett Okamoto unleashed the news today that the D-O double G will be adding his infamous 'izzles to live fights, most assuredly being high out of his mind.

"Snoop and I have wanted to do something together for a long time. He's a huge fight fan and wanted to call fights. This is a fun opportunity for fans to opt into SnoopCast and hear his take along with Urijah Faber on how the fights are going." — Dana White to ESPN.

If you were planning on not watching Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series, the addition of SnoopCast may change your mind. Yes, that really is what they named it. California Kid and UFC Hall of Famer, Urjiah Hall will join Snoop for an alternative commentary audio. The main team on the mics have no been announced yet, but why would you listen to anyone besides SnoopCast?

Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series will debut on July 11th only on Fight Pass.

"I'm a big fan of UFC and [am] looking forward to joining the team to bring my unique take on all the action. Y'all in for a brand-new experience with Dogg on the mic." — Snoop Dogg


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