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Mickey Gall is only three fights deep into his UFC career and already, he's in the spotlight.

Gall will fight another young lion, Super , on December 17 at , in what is shaping up to be a great grudge match.

Gall is willing to put his locks on the line to back up his smack talk. Well, he did defeat a pro wrestler in his second UFC fight, so why not bring a bit of that pro wrestling shtick into the Octagon?

“Let's cut the hair, man," Gall said on the SFLC MMA podcast. "It grows back, let's cut the hair. When I beat him, I hope he shaves his head. If he beats me, I'll cut mine, but he ain't beating me. No freakin' way."

Gall finds himself playing a different role than in his fight against . Gall was the heavy favorite going into that fight, but now, many are saying that Northcutt, 8-1, is going to cut down Gall, 3-0.

Gall knows that Northcutt has more experience, but he doesn't care.

“This will be a fight," Gall said. "This will be a war. I'm going to show him hell. I think it's going to go 2-3 rounds. I'm going to finish him, and he's going to see hell. He's going to wish he was dead."

He might wish he were dead if he has to shave the golden, spiked locks. Northcutt hasn't exactly accepted the hair vs. hair challenge. Don't expect him to. This is MMA, after all, not pro wrestling.

For the people who don't give Gall a chance, he says that they just don't know him. He's planning to prove everybody wrong.

"These guys don't know me, and that's fine," Gall said. "Any of these guys can say whatever they want. Bottom line is, I'm going to get in the cage December 17th, and we'll see what's what. Then, people will know me a little bit. People who have known me for years, they know me, and they know what I’m about. They know what I'm capable of, and they're not saying any of that. They'll tell you Sage is in big f*****g trouble.”


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