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Jason Nawara

Paige VanZant is on the precipice of superstardom in the UFC. She's got it all — the looks, the crossover appeal after being a runner up on Dancing with the Stars. She even has a flying kick knockout on her highlight reel! What more could you ask for?

Nothing, that's what. And so, when you're a sought-after personality in MMA, you're going to get asked hypothetical questions, some of which could get you in trouble with passionate fans. Questions like, "will you fight Ronda Rousey?"

Paige naturally said yes to this question, because who wouldn't? MMA is like Highlander — you absorb powers and popularity when you cut off heads. (OK it's nothing like Highlander.)

But Paige got some pushback for her non-callout callout, now she's clearing the air (h/t MMA Fighting):

“It’s TMZ, they came up to me and asked me about that matchup and it’s like, how many times am I going to be asked that question before people realize we’re in far different weight classes? Now, I tell people I want to fight her, and all of a sudden it’s like the news of the year.”

Beyond the Ronda walk back (I'd be down to see the fight still), PVZ explains why she had her dance off instead of a traditional open workout, and basically lays down the law saying that she'll fight anyone.

Naturally, to me, that means Paige VanZant vs. Cyborg in 2017... Nah.


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