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After Kelvin Gastelum popped for exceeding the monumental 180 nanogram threshold for marijuana metabolites, the legend Anderson Silva was left without an opponent. His last fight was a lackluster encounter with Derek Brunson, which made many once awestruck fighters decide they could take him. This is where Luke Rockhold swaggers in with his signature air of confidence. He's revealed that he's signed his name on the dotted line to fight the GOAT, now he just waits for Silva's signature.

"I've always wanted to fight Anderson, we'll see if he takes the fight. I'm putting that out there. You're the first to really to hear about it. First time I've said anything live. I've accepted the Anderson fight. Will you accept the fight with me, Anderson? C'mon, let's make this thing happen. It's been a long time coming. If not Rio, expect to see International Fight Week, July 8th. Hopefully, Anderson sacks up and takes the fight. Let's go to Rio. Let's make this thing happen." — Luke Rockhold to Padlockt.

Maybe he saw Silva finally dip over the edge in that last fight, like a rollercoaster that slowly climbed up and is finally plummeting to retirement. hasn't fought since losing his title in a huge upset to Michael Bisping. Although, he has openly talked about fighting Silva for years. You have to smirk at the irony here. The way Bisping got the shot to dethrone Rockhold to begin with was a win over Silva, now Rockhold may be wearing the shoe on the other foot.


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