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Justin Golightly

Since Matt Riddle was cut from the UFC and started his bromance with pro wrestling, MMA has shifted into the era of money fights. Throw the rankings out of the window, if you're a name and can put butts into seats, you're booked. Even UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson admits he wouldn't be surprised if the "Cash Me Outside" girl got a contract. So, would the "King of Bros" bump fists again in the UFC? Sure, but they'll need to show him the green.

"I love MMA. It's like the greatest sport ever. There's only one sport that you can actually test yourself against a man or a woman or whoever and give 100%. You can't tape your ankles. All you have is gloves. You cant wear knee pads or nothing. That's why even when I wrestle, I don't wear anything but my shorts because I feel that's real man sh-t. That's real stuff. No support, no help, I support myself when I fight, you know? That's why MMA's one of the greatest. It's the best." —Matt Riddle on The MMA Hour.

It's obvious Riddle still loves MMA, the whole foundation of his pro wrestling gimmick is built upon it. It sucks that it had to end the way it did, but with CM Punk getting a cool million from a reverse-Riddle, the door could now be open for a return. Chances are slim that this happens anytime soon, but if Dan Hardy returns we hope he'll be his huckleberry.


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