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Aside from being one of the most exciting fighters in the history of the UFC, it also turns out that Joe Lauzon is one of its most honest.

Squaring off against leglock master Marcin Held in the co-main event of last night's event, Lauzon saw a near-knockout in the first round all but negated by the heavy top control of Held for the majority of the remaining two rounds. Though not without his own offensive moments, it seemed clear to many that Held had earned himself his first UFC win by the time the judges scores were being tabulated. Which made it all the more unbelievable when the decision was awarded to Lauzon just moments later.

It was a decision so egregious that even Lauzon was forced to question it following the fight, telling Joe Rogan that "it wasn't my night."

Speaking with reporters backstage, Lauzon continued his bizarrely honest diatribe against...himself, saying that "I thought it sucked before when I thought I won a fight and I lost. This is worse. This sucks."

Regardless, two out of the three ringside judges – Jeff Mullen and Marcos Rosales – seemed to be in agreement that Lauzon had done enough to eek out the win, as their recently revealed scorecards show.

As if he hadn't repented enough, Lauzon then stated his plans to "harass Sean Shelby to keep [Held] around" and even took to Reddit to further vent his frustrations over a fight that he won. (Well, technically at least.)

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is *still* offering his opinions on why he actually beat Michael Bisping.


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