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No one should be surprised, but we're all certainly disappointed. BJ Penn made his return last night after nearly three years away from the sport. We made it and wrote multiple articles praising the legend's records and incredible fights. We did it to ourselves. Now, after Yair Rodriguez went out and obliterated our Baby Jay, we spend today in mourning.

"We're sad. We obviously have high hopes for BJ. What he's done in the sport and the type of fighter he is," BJ Penn's coach Jason Parillo said. "We felt that this kid was beatable. We felt we could beat him and I like to think we still can. But, we're always going to think that about BJ."

"Unfortunately BJ never gets put in with a guy — we call it shake off the rust a little bit, or a tune-up fight at least — BJ doesn't do tune-up fights," Parillo said. "He fights nothing but top ten guys, champions and up-and-coming killers. But yeah, we're disappointed. Of course we are."

Unfortunately, if Penn did take a tune-up fight, we may be having a different discussion right now. But there I go justifying more fights for the legend, just like he probably has done to himself one too many times. Now is the time, if not the multiple times before, to truly step away from the sport.

"It's going to be hard for him not want him to come back. It's going to be the people around him that help him make that decision if they want him to come back or not. I'm very supportive of BJ retiring," Parillo said. "He's done enough for the sport. He's a two-time world champ, there's only a few guys who were able to do that. He's done everything that he needs to do."

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