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isn't the fight called for at the press conference, but it's the fight that Stephens received.

Stephens had to endure some nasty leg kicks early on in the fight and Moicano looked like the veteran throughout most of the fight. Stephens was never able to land his heavy right hand and he had no answer for the constant movement of Moicano.

For Stephens, this fight was supposed to be a stepping stone for better matchups. Instead, it is a coming out party for Moicano and another tough blow for the Top 5 in the featherweight division.

Moicano is a good prospect, but he's just that, a prospect. A division that has headlined PPVs before is now relegated to co-main events. What's changed?

That question is fairly simple to answer, Conor McGregor changed everything.

Fighting CA / Tumblr
Fighting CA / Tumblr

Not only did McGregor run through the division and prove that the smaller weight classes do big PPV numbers, but he also removed the mystique from current champion by knocking him out in 13-seconds. He also beat current interim champion at UFC Fight Night 26.

By leaving the division, McGregor stripped all credibility from the title, casting it away like a toy five days after Christmas. For goodness sake, Jeremy Stephens was 2-4 entering his UFC on Fox 24 fight and was still ranked #5 in the division.

The division needs new blood, and prospects like Moicano help, but what it really needs is the return of McGregor or fresh fighter to match his level of dominance.

Until then, the division will continue to see these drastic swings and shuffles until it crowns a true champion and that person runs through the gauntlet of the division.


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