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Jason Nawara

There's no doubt that Paige VanZant is going to be a star one day, but for now, WMMA trailblazer Michelle Waterson, the Karate Hottie herself, just reminded the world why she's been at the top of the game for many, many years. There was no dancing, not tonight.

After some back in forth which left PVZ wide open for counter shots from Waterson, this throw set up the beginning of the end:

After the takedown, Waterson slid onto PVZ's back and worked a rear naked choke for well over a minute until VanZant went to sleep.

This was typical, gutsy, PVZ, but she couldn't escape and it was all over. Incredible performance by the Karate Hottie, and a loss that will still get Paige some fans in the end.

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