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Justin Golightly

Before this fight, the UFC was in danger of losing Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza to free agency, which is basically like giving the man a pay raise and a Bellator contract. That was all due to the logjam Michael Bisping's title defense against Georges St-Pierre has caused. Which is why third ranked Jacare had to fight Robert Whittaker sitting at number six. The UFC wisely rectified this by signing Jacare to eight more fights, perhaps expecting a win. ...But Bobby freakin' Knuckles had other plans.

We guess all that time slaying dragons in Runescape paid off. coudn't have fought a smarter fight and couldn't have hit Jacare any harder than her did. He neutralized that crocodile death roll, waited for his right moment on the feet, and sent Jacare down under with absolutely punishing blows until the ref waved the fight off to stop him from taking more punishment. There's a new top beast at middleweight ready to wait for a title shot.


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