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Justin Golightly

Demetrious Johnson has been the short, Shao Khan atop of the UFC flyweight challenge tower for five long years. He entered into this fight with Wilson Reis hurtling towards history and aimed to make it there. He not only tied Anderson Silva's defense record, but he made it look easy. He was a ghost—a poltergeist even—who could do whatever he wanted to Wilson Reis and was never there to suffer the consequences.



He left Reis beaten and bloodied, then stole his arm from his body. The icing on the cake is that Reis has never lost by submission. Ever. What's next for ? Will he fight Cody Garbrandt to break Anderson Silva's title defense record, if not, then who? Will he get all his damn belts? There's a lot of questions to try and answer as Johnson continues his career. Tune in same Mighty Mouse channel, same Mighty Mouse time to find out.


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