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Justin Golightly

You may not know who Jeremy Kimball is yet, his UFC debut at UFC on FOX 23 was a bad loss. However, it was clear he decided to come back with a stronger determination and a longer beard. It didn't even take him two minutes before he had knocked out Joshua Stansbury like Donkey Kong. He didn't throw a barrel, but a standing hammerfist of all things to take out his opponent.

This burly boy proved even the big men can be slick. The way Kimball shifted to the side to land his punch to directly behind the ear was sweet science. Dominick Cruz called it a Donkey Kong punch, but Kimball just calls it 'grizzly,' bro. While we like the former, we're going to do whatever Kimball says. Just sayin', if you ever see him throwing objects at a construction site, make sure you bring some extra lives.


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