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Justin Golightly

BJ Penn has retired and came back more times than Jay Z. He's a legend among legends and basically MMA personified. He came back and was picked apart by Yair Rodriguez, causing fans to weep and journalists to question why he's still out there. The answer is always because that's just how Penn is made. Buried at the bottom of the main card, his entrance not even making broadcast, Penn entered into another do-or-die situation with Dennis Siver. Is this what we've come to? BJ Penn deserves better.

Fate stacked us with back-to-back assaults on legends and our emotions. Fedor Emelianenko just suffered a brutal knockout at the hands of Matt Mitrione last night, and Penn could barely make it out of his fight with Siver without getting finished. After the decision, Penn suffered his fifth loss in a row and hasn't won a fight in seven years.

What causes these legends to keep fighting a losing battle against time and opponents they just can't keep up with anymore? Do they need the money this bad, or is it just an old guard mindset to go to war until you just simply don't have an excuse anymore? Either way, we can't do anything to prevent from fighting, all we can do is cross our fingers as we watch our beloved Baby Jay continue to do what he wants to do.


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