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Not everyone can become an MMA fighter, and not everyone wants to become an MMA fighter. However, all of us want to overcome adversity. We all want to rise from the ashes. Whether personally or professionally, as humans, we share a dream of proving the doubters and haters wrong, and standing atop the mountain.

That's why is a source of great inspiration. She battled back from a tumultuous feud with to win the richest prize in women's MMA: the UFC bantamweight title. She silenced her haters

Tate put to sleep with a rear naked choke to win the championship on March 5, 2016.

Miesha will walk into the Octagon at UFC 205 to face in the biggest show in UFC history. She belongs on the card, considering her perseverance and unwavering will to reach the top of the sport.

Tate was written off by some after two losses to Ronda Rousey. She first dropped her title to Rousey in , losing by first round armbar submission. But, she didn't fall off the face of the earth after the defeat.

Eventually, both fighters moved over to the UFC, and Tate got a shot at Rousey's UFC bantamweight championship belt. Miesha did something no other fighter had ever done with Rousey: she took her out of the first round.

Tate took Rousey into the third round before eventually falling to the armbar again. Making matters worse, she tried to shake Rousey's hand after the fight, but Rousey snubbed her.

Tate, however, kept fighting and kept winning. After Holm knocked out Rousey, Miesha was first in line for the title shot. She was the underdog going into the fight, but such odds didn't discourage the former Strikeforce champion. She fought a masterful fight. She studied Holm and was able to counter and get under Holly's powerful straight left hand. The fight, however, wasn't easy. Tate was behind going into the final round and needed a finish.

She got it. Perfecting her takedown technique that had been displayed earlier in the fight, she got Holm down, took her back and defeated her. Holm never tapped out, electing to go out on her shield, and just like that, Tate was the new UFC women's bantamweight champion.

Miesha proved that she wasn't defeated, even though she lost two other championship fights to Rousey. She never stopped believing in herself, and when she got her title shot against Holm, she proved that fans should start believing in her too.


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