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Amy Kaplan

It's been three years since UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has competed in professional MMA, but somehow, the stars have finally aligned for his return.

Earlier this month, the former champ was spotted in a UFC kit. Then today, we watched 20 glorious minutes of GSP and his upcoming opponent Michael Bisping at a presser, and now he's been spotted inside the Octagon. I think my ever-loving heart might explode with GSP overload!

Just moments before the pre-fight press conference, GSP climbed into the cage, showed off his footwork (in a suit no less), and made my blood pressure rise to a all time high.

Did I mention it's been more than three years since his feet have graced the canvas of a UFC Octagon?

We'll have to wait at least until July (maybe longer) to actually see him face for the middleweight belt, as there are some things that still need to be done before he is cleared to fight (such as entering the USADA testing pool). But I will be watching for every tidbit of information from his camp in the meantime.


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