ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

We're just a few days away from UFC 209, which means the media blitz has officially begun. We kick off the week with UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, who addresses Dana White calling him a drama queen, racism (kinda), and channeling Rodney Dangerfield by reiterating the fact that he just doesn't get no respect. Judging by the fact that ESPN couldn't figure out who he was for a proper highlight reel, yeah he's probably spot on.

Here's Woodley getting "actual factual," which should become a meme but it probably won't:

"You do the math. Look at the current promo. It's talking about how he was so resilient. Even the music behind it says, "gimme your best shot." Meaning he took my best shot and kept ticking. Every significant strike he did is on that trailer. I knocked him down four times. Go ahead and look back at the trailer."

Then the show broadcasts footage of an early Conor McGregor fight for some reason.

Woodley makes some good points — looking at the promos, they do seem biased towards Thompson a bit. But, Woodley calling himself the greatest welterweight champion is just silly. It's like Trump saying he's the best president. First off, there isn't a sample size to prove whether that's true or not and secondly, it's just not true.

Either way, is going to be phenomenal.


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