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He may be fresh out of surgery, but that isn't stopping Michael Bisping from starting up fights on Twitter.

In the middleweight champion's crosshairs? That would be none other than #1 contender Yoel Romero.

In case you missed it, the beef between these two was kickstarted back at UFC 205 in November, when Romero obliterated former champion Chris Weidman with a flying knee, then used his post-fight interview to call out "The Count" for a title fight. Bisping did not take kindly to it, and the two have been going back and forth about it ever since.

With Bisping stating his intentions to only accept "the biggest fight possible" when he returns to action sometime this summer, it seems that Romero wants to make sure he isn't lost in the shuffle. So after Bisping threw some shade at the Cuban-born Olympian for his past...let's call them "discrepancies" with USADA, Romero decided to drop the "I love you!" act and fire back.

Bisping is of course referring to Romero's USADA doping violation in January of last year that saw the "Soldier of God" plead the old "tainted supplement" defense before settling out of court to a 6-month suspension. While Romero has yet to be popped again in the time since, it's safe to say that Bisping isn't buying into the idea that the 39-year-old is suddenly a clean man.

Needless to say, a fight between these two seems imminent.

Bisping has already stated his willingness to fight Romero, and with most of the middleweight division's top 10 tied up in other high-profile (or plain bizarre) fights, it's easily the most sensible fight to make when Bisping's ready to go.

Sorry, Jacare.


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