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Georges St-Pierre might have signed a four fight deal with the UFC, but if the events of the past few days are any indication, his dance card might already be full.

In addition to his date TBD middleweight title fight with Michael Bisping, the former welterweight kingpin has already been previously stated an interest in a matchup with current champ Tyron Woodley, and is possibly trying to additionally talk his way into a fight with Conor McGregor using the old "he's all bark, no bite" strategy.

Also in GSP's crosshairs? Anderson Silva, of course.

A superfight between the two has been brewing since at least the late aughts, when both men were at the top of their game and champion vs. champion matchups were just a perpetual pipe dream. But oh, how time has a way of changing things. As St-Pierre explained on the "UFC Unfiltered" podcast:

“It is possible. The truth is this: The only time I’ve been offered to fight Anderson Silva, formally – like formally – like a real offer, was after my fight with Johny Hendricks (at UFC 167) when I retired. It’s not (that I turned it down) because it was Anderson Silva. I would not have fought nobody. You could have put a midget of 3-foot tall, (and) I would not have even fought him. I wouldn’t want to fight. I was tired. I wanted to take time off.”

With St-Pierre confident that he could lay a whooping on the GSP of old, it would be safe to say that a GSP vs. Silva matchup is more likely than ever to happen, especially if "Rush" is able to topple Bisping in their upcoming bout. Of course, there is one middleweight contender who might have a HUGE problem with that (*cough Yoel Romero cough*), or then again, maybe he wouldn't.


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