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Michael Bisping said he would only be accepting "the biggest fights possible" moving forward, and he is not changing his position.

On the mend from his recent knee surgery, "The Count" stopped by The MMA Hour today to discuss who he'd like to face once he's ready to return, and once again, the conversation quickly shifted to the subject of Georges St-Pierre. Though the former welterweight champion declared his free agency late last year, he and Bisping have been tap dancing around a potential superfight for ages now, and according to Bisping, it's closer than ever to actually happening.

Speaking about whether he'll be fighting #1 contender Yoel Romero or "Rush" next, Bisping said that "Odds are it's going to be Yoel next, but I know that Georges, his trainer told me recently that they're pretty much at an agreement with the UFC. He said the deal's almost done, and he wants to fight me."

Citing a desire to score that big payday, Bisping added that he would definitely take a fight against St-Pierre first if it was offered and assured Ariel Helwani that Romero would get what's coming to him in time.

"I'll take that two hundred dollars," said Bisping when discussing the GoFundMe page Romero recently trolled him with. "Get myself a nice massage after I whoop his ass when that day comes, because make no mistake, that day will come."


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