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Georges St-Pierre has been back in the UFC for less than a month, but that hasn't stopped him from shaking things up in a major way.

The former welterweight champion has openly admitted that his current 4-fight deal with the promotion "is making no one happy" and has succeeded in getting under the skin of middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who unleashed a tirade of insults upon "Rush" last week during the press conference to promote their upcoming title fight.

Already being forced to defend the notion that he's chosen Bisping because of his perceived weaknesses in relation to the other fighter options currently available to him, St-Pierre was additionally asked to give his assessment of Conor McGregor during a recent appearance on Sportscenter and it was not kind.

"I believe Conor McGregor is the biggest draw for the sport in terms of popularity," said St-Pierre. "But I don't know if, in terms of fighting, he's the best guy."

It's an interesting choice of words from St-Pierre, whose coach, Firas Zahabi, made it seem as if his return fight would in fact come against McGregor as few as two weeks ago. There's no denying though, as pundits like Kenny Florian have already said, that a fight between St-Pierre and McGregor would easily succeed in generating the highest revenues in UFC History, which is ultimately what GSP is returning for, talks of his legacy be damned.

And yet, GSP doesn't seem to think that McGregor is worthy of a fight with the G.O.A.T.

We should probably expect an official response from McGregor by... the end of this sentence.


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