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Jason Nawara

isn't going to let anyone get in the way of his title shot. Not Michael Johnson, not , and not the . He gets what the game is about now, and he's playing that game with his incendiary interviews. But, that doesn't mean he can be satisfied in his march to the title. In fact, Nurmagomedov seems like the type of guy who will never be satisfied, even if he's got gold around his waist.

"Why is Tony Ferguson not fighting? Why I'm not fighting for title? Because this is not sport anymore."

Those are some hardcore words from a man who just had an incredible performance at , but Khabib clearly wants to hit with his words as hard as his fists.

In the interview above, Khabib calls out for sending him a "fake" contract which allegedly brought down both 's and 's paydays at . Then, when is brought up, Khabib goes off (starts around the 10:30 mark).

Khabib is blown away, wondering where the sport went wrong with these so-called contenders who are losing and still being at the top of the food chain despite his 24-0 mark. Then, he says Nate ducked him three times.

These are interesting times for the lightweight division.


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