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Justin Golightly

Conor McGregor, the bombastic "champ champ" is robbing the UFC of his presence until at least September of next year.

While all the contenders at lightweight are probably going to take it out on each other, and the featherweights start to move forward this weekend, the wildcard known as Nate Diaz paces back and forth muttering curses.

Nate Diaz has wanted to run it back ever since his loss to McGregor at , and Jon Anik said he thinks a rematch is the most likely match-up. McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, says he wants the trilogy, and now it looks like Diaz isn't going to fight at all until McGregor comes back from paternity leave.

must not have burnt through all of the money made from the biggest payday of his career at UFC 202. Of course, he'd still love to add to his millions by finishing the trilogy. Of course, it's a Diaz so it's not even about revenge because in his mind, he won. (The majority decision was close after all.)

Still, with the divisional chaos putting , , , and into relative limbo, who knows what can happen? For Diaz though, there is only red panty night or no panties at all.

Until then, it's back to Cabo.


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