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Justin Golightly

Mike Perry is a big, scary dude. He's got a face tattoo and casually talks about the hypothetical death of his opponents. That's all pretty frightening, considering he probably just earned himself a shoe-in as a 2017 KO of the Year candidate after throwin' them 'bows at Jake Ellenberger. However, for every Yin there is a Yang. Even a hard ass brawler from Florida has a soft side. Can you imagine — I don't know — Mike Perry being all cutesy and singing Bruno Mars? Well, you don't have to anymore.

We hope that none of the other fighters in Mike Perry's division see this totes adorbs music video with his girlfriend and it damages his rep. He's worked pretty hard on this cold-blooded, intimidating façade. On the other hand, maybe it's a way to lure his next opponent into a false sense of security, that perhaps Perry has lost his edge. Either way, the dude clearly has charisma. He may have a future crossing over into TV by making an appearance on Lip Sync Battle.


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