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To call Mike Perry a "controversial" figure is somewhat of an understatement. A quick Google search can catch anyone up-to-date with his past or hijinks outside of the cage, but that's something to do on your own time. Regardless of all of that, he's good at punching people in the face as evident from . As long as he's doing that — and saying ridiculous things — fans are going to tune into the Mike Perry channel. Scroll down to review exhibits A-E from his recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

Don't insult a cage fighter's dance moves. It takes a lot of training to be able to beat people up in the UFC, especially a guy like Jake Ellenberger. To think that a fighter could also take time out of training to keep their breakdancing tight, well, that's just damn impressive. Let's see you spin around on your head in between UFC Tonight segments, Karyn Bryant.

Mike Perry here trying to figure out an ingenious loop hole to get money back for just doing his taxes. You can't really blame him, but of course that's just not possible. Use this as a learning experience though, if you send off your documents to get your taxes done at some store in the mall, they won't be trying to figure out this next level tax stuff for you. That's the type of ingenuity that can only come from your own, wild brain. Well, or Mike Perry's.

Ah yes, the famous, 'I don't crack my eggs before they hatch' anecdote. Of course you don't, because they aren't ready yet. Got to leave those chicks in there so they can incubate. What's that other ol' timey phrase? A bird in your hand is better because no one can throw stones at it in a bush.

Whoa. That's the most unique way of saying you improve after a loss, that's probably ever been said by a UFC fighter. Did Mike Perry get deep on person, or deep by an accident here? It's very difficult to tell, which could be said about most Perry quotes. Either way, it's a good mindset to have and also could be considered some sort of X-Men power. Imagine if you could absorb the powers of any fighter you wanted, you just had to be defeated by them first.

Let's get serious here. Not a lot of people are fans of what Mike Perry says outside of the UFC. However, there is a conundrum that is summed up by Perry himself above. We want the entertainment. When it really comes down to it, just like a movie that doesn't make sense, a part of us are willing to suspend our disbelief when Mike Perry walks into the cage. No matter what anyone says about his statements or his personality, we put those on hold to watch him elbow the snot out of someone.


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