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Miesha Tate finally claimed the UFC bantamweight belt after years of battling her way to the top, but in one swift move she lost it all at UFC 200.

Tate, who was nearly late to the UFC 200 weigh-ins, said she had trouble cutting weight this time around because of stress.

"I definitely don't think it was diet at all," she said on her podcast, The Miesha Tate Show. "I think it was just honestly stress. I had a lot of things going on."

One of those things could have been the last minute line-up change. She was never meant to be the main event, but after issues with Jon Jones' failed drug test that led to him being removed from the card, the UFC moved Tate and her opponent, Amanda Nunes, into the main-event slot on just two days notice.

"I had a lot on my plate. I had a lot of things going on in my personal life, " she said. "It's life; it happens."

Tate had ironically toyed with the idea of cutting further to 125 pounds in the past, should the UFC institute a women's flyweight division.

"It was surprising to me that the weight cut was as difficult as it was," she said. "Because I wasn't cutting any more weight than I normally do."

Tate had to disrobe entirely to make the cut, and she looked much more reserved and dejected than at her previous weigh-ins.

"I tend to overload myself," she said. "The people around me don't necessarily realize unless they are around me 24/7."

Tate lost her belt to Nunes at UFC 200, and will face Raquel Pennington at UFC 205, in hopes of making her way back to another title shot.


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