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Justin Golightly

We hope you're laughing as much as we are about this headline. 2017 sure is a very bizarre time. CM Punk has refused an alleged $1 million offer to return to pro wrestling and made his debut on MTV's The Challenge. We're finally starting to earn the rewards of this show's existence from one Johnny Bananas. No, we're not kidding. Covered in ketchup and mustard, CM Punk lost their team challenge and tried to turn his loss into a positive. Mr. Bananas, career MTV appearance maker, was not having it and went right to the verbal low blows.

"I was either going to win gloriously, or die a glorious death. That's something somebody like you is never going to understand, because they wouldn't let you win because nobody would pay a dime to see your ass, that's why." - CM Punk

Usually a good phrase to live by is that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but Bananas sure rolled some boulders at CM Punk. He immediately dived straight for the jugular by bringing up Punk's disappointing UFC loss to Mickey Gall. Things get heated and just when you think they are about to throw haymakers, the clip ends. Here's an idea: Have CM Punk fight Johnny Bananas in the UFC. They basically have the same MMA record anyway. Don't make it a co-main event of a PPV. Put it in the middle of a FOX card or on one of UFC's many developmental shows.


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