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We have all heard of the many things that fighters eat (or don't eat) before a fight, and most of us can recite the pre-fight weigh-in rituals that fighters partake in to cut extreme amounts of weight. But, what we don't often see is the post-fight meals the athletes eat, either in celebration or depression.

But recently a video team followed MMA fighter Tycen Lynn after a recent fight to see just what a he puts into his body on a cheat day.

Well that might be a problem.

Lynn had just suffered his first professional loss; a second round head kick KO at the hand (foot?) of Sean O'Malley at ICF 26 - The Perfect Storm. Sporting two black eyes, Lynn invited a crew to film him eating all day.

The first stop was a diner where Lynn enjoyed a milkshake. I just want someone to look at me the way Tycen Lynn looks at his milkshake...

Next, he eats a bacon spinach omelet... and looks at it the same way (this dude was really hungry).

Oh did I mention this was just breakfast?

Next, still hungry, Lynn stocks up on baked goods with his girlfriend.

At this point, he still hasn't looked at her the way he looked at that milkshake, but that could be because she's telling an awful story about him eating too much and then throwing up.

"I feel like you guys are going to be bored just watching me eat all day," he said.

We'll see Tycen, we'll see...

After a potty break and a nap, Tycen and his girlfriend head off to a Mexican restaurant for lunch where he orders the worlds biggest burrito and finishes it off with a beer.

We also learned that Tycen may be a binge eater as his girlfriend now reveals he eats in secret, and she wakes up to him rifling through the fridge at night.

After a long break, Tycen picks back up the eating by ordering pizza and more beer. His girlfriend is still apparently full from lunch as he didn't get anything for her to eat. I sense a disagreement as they are sitting as far away from each other as they possibly can. Trouble in paradise already?

And just when you thought the cheat day was over... he pulls out the leftovers.


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