ByJustin Golightly, writer at
Design wizard. MMA mathematician. Formerly of Middle Easy, Justin Golightly has been featured on Bleacher Report, Uproxx and TMZ.
Justin Golightly

Watching Sage Northcutt's rise as a kid-tested-mother-approved internet darling has been magical. We've peered into his life of drinking Labrada, pumping his quads, and crushing objects to great enjoyment. One of the best things about Northcutt, is that he just keeps pushing it. He's taken his apple busting stunt and turned that knob into hyperdrive.

There's not a lot of UFC fighters doing flips and landing like a Power Ranger on top of fruit. It was even for a good cause! Who cares about this dude's record when he's out here inventing new and innovative ways to create apple sauce for charity and our entertainment? Sage Northcutt is perfect and beautiful and 100 losses in the UFC will never change that.


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