ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

There's no better MMA documentary than the continuing series The Reem. Thanks to the filmmakers behind The Reem, we've been following... The Reem on his adventures since 2010. We've seen the behind-the-scenes of Alistair Overeem fighting in the legendary 2010 K-1 GP, fight in Strikeforce, and make his way to the UFC, where he would come up short multiple times in fighting for the title.

Now, season 4 picks up right before fighting Stipe Miocic at UFC 203. We all know how that one ended up — Overeem was knocked out after a back and forth first round in which he thought Stipe tapped to a tight guillotine, but didn't.

It's like watching the Star Wars prequel trilogy knowing Anakin was going to fall, and fall hard, but all you can do is watch as he talks about hating sand. Overeem doesn't hate sand, he just believed (rightfully) that Miocic was beatable.

What's next? The fallout from 203, we're sure, and the lead up to his rematch with Mark Hunt at UFC 209.


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