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We're over a month removed from Ronda Rousey's crushing loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, and still the MMA world can't seem to stop talking about her. Everyone from Daniel Cormier to Gina Carano has offered their two cents on what remains of Rousey's legacy and what she should do next. Even though it seems that the former women's champ is more interested in bringing down Donald Trump than pursuing another fight, that isn't stopping Dana White from attempting to silence any and all of her doubters.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, White adamantly defended just how much Rousey was able to accomplish for the sport in her time ("She worked her ass off for this sport, for this company, for women,") before fiercely rejecting the notion that his friendship with her only extended as far as the money she brought to the UFC.

"I care about her as a human being more than the fighter side," said White.

"You read the bulls—, ‘Oh man, UFC’s in trouble, their golden goose….' She’s not a f—king golden goose. She’s a human being. And she’s a very good f—ing friend of mine."

So basically, White's relationship with Rousey is the complete opposite of his relationship with Stitch Duran. Got it.

White's kind words come just days after the UFC President told reporters that Rousey would very likely "be done" as a fighter, something that "Rowdy" has very publicly struggled to deal with. In White's eyes, however, her legacy as one of the biggest figures to ever step foot in the Octagon has already been sealed in stone.


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