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It's hard not to feel for Renan Barao these days.

A little over two years ago, "The Baron" was being promoted right and left as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter on the planet following emphatic wins over Michael McDonald, Eddie Wineland, and Urijah Faber (twice). But then, he accepted a short-notice bout against TJ Dillashaw at UFC 173 that not only lost him his title, but eventually forced him out of the bantamweight division altogether.

On the heels of a decision win over Phillipe Nover at UFC Brasilia, there's still a lot of time for the 29-year-old Barao to reestablish himself as one of the best fighters in MMA.

In Jiu-Jitsu, on the other hand...

Yes, that's the former bantamweight champion in the red trunks there, getting almost effortlessly tapped by black belt Leozada Nogueira at the ADCC trials in Brazil over the weekend.

While it's understandable that a mixed martial artist might come up short against a pure jiu jitsu specialist in a BJJ match, it's not often that you see a grappler of Barao's level go down so quickly. The man got his black belt under André Pederneiras.

Anyways, better luck next time, Renan. May you find comfort in the fact that you could still wreck 90% of the fighters in your respective divisions.


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