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The UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes, defeated two of the sport's biggest female stars on her road to the championship belt. Stripping Miesha Tate back at UFC 200, the “Lioness” then defended her strap against Ronda Rousey, dismantling the former dominant champion in 48 seconds in December of last year. Many praised the Brazilian's expertise in her standup game, however, was this a case of Nunes being on a level above Rousey, or did her opponent never truly bounce back from her first career loss?

Well, if you ask Holly Holm's coach, the fighter responsible for breaking the unstoppable reign of Ronda Rousey was Holly.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Coach Mike Winkeljohn had this to say:

(h/t MMAMania for transcribing)

“I think Holly broke her. I think Ronda was on top of the world and Holly broke her because when she came out for Amanda she just wasn’t the same fighter by any means. Not taking anything away from Amanda, but Ronda, she didn’t have anything, she just wasn’t there. She was just basically waiting for the end in essence once she couldn’t find a way to grab her. And she did the same thing she’s done before in the past, reaching out with her left arm and trying to corral. It was just a one-sided fight just like I said. I think she’s done.”

The Ronda Rousey we saw in the Octagon at UFC 207 was reminiscent of the Rousey we saw against , which wasn’t a surprise to Mike Winklejohn. Suffering the biggest upset of her career, the loss of her belt, and first ever knockout at UFC 193, many questioned the mental strength of the former champ ahead of her bout with .

Many point to the event as the turning point in the women division and Ronda Rousey’s career. Now, following her second ever loss and consecutive knockout, Rousey is once again forced to examine who she is as a fighter and what this means for the future of her career.

Although still unconfirmed as to whether or not we’ll ever see back inside the Octagon, her long-time friend and UFC President Dana White isn’t confident of a return.


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