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Has Michael Bisping finally bitten off more than he can chew?

The middleweight champion has been lashing out at pretty much every fighter in his division (and at least one outside of it) as of late, branding #1 contender Yoel Romero as a "cheater" and a juicer among other things and trashing Anderson Silva for daring to contest the decision of their fight from over a year ago.

The latest contender in Bisping's sights? Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza.

Following his win over Tim Boetsch at UFC 208 earlier this month, Souza attempted to talk his way into a fight with Bisping via some good old fashioned trash talk, demanding that "The Count" stop running from him during his post fight interview.

Bisping's response? Oh, only to not-so-subtly accuse Jacare of being on steroids while penning his latest Fighter Blog for Champions. Having apparently reached the end of his rope, the Brazilian submission specialist fired back with a lengthy diatribe of his own on Instagram earlier today, calling Bisping a "coward" among several other less-than-friendly things.

Souza's words:

Look what happens when I fight the #13 in the ranking! Look what happens when @mikebisping fights the #13 in the ranking! . I heard that the scared Bisping talked some crap about me, lying, because he doesn't have more excuses not to step inside the Octagon with me, exactly how cowards do. He said I looked like an amateur standing with the #13 ranked middleweight (Tim Boetsch), but we all remember how he left the fight against the #13 ranked middleweight (Dan Henderson). You were beat up! You're stupid, Bisping! After getting knocked out by Hendo's brutal right hand, you had seven years to learn, and when you fought again you couldn't even defend the same right hand that put you to sleep. . He talked about my body, too. This weird thing about noticing other athletes' bodies. You can work for USADA and do my tests, that's the closest you'd get to me without being afraid. And you'd better invest in your career as a blogger or writer, because you're not a real fighter!! . @reebok @reebokbrasil @ufc @ufc_brasil

That's right: It looks like Champions has found itself smack dab in the middle of a fighter beef! For more information on how awesome this makes us look, be sure to check out Bisping's fighter blogs right here.

What should Jacare do next?

Although Dana White has confirmed that Bisping will in fact be facing Yoel Romero when he returns from knee surgery this summer, it's hard to deny the heat that a fight with Souza is suddenly starting to build. All he really needs to do now is call into Bisping's radio show with a slightly more coherent tirade then "The Soldier of God" and Dana will basically have no choice but to let Jacare skip the line.

That is, of course, unless Bisping has already been booked against a certain returning welterweight champion whose name rhymes with Scourge Taint Prepare (and probably other, less gross names as well).


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