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You'll have to forgive the expression, but there were few people riding the bandwagon of Ronda Rousey harder during her prime more than Joe Rogan. The UFC colorman has always been open about how his personal friendship with Rousey has influenced his view of her as a fighter, but now, knowing what we do about Rousey's fighting future, it's Rogan who has emerged the most critical of those who fed her hype machine prior to her downfall.

What did Rogan have to say?

“I’m not happy that Ronda Rousey lost but in a way, it makes things easier because there was a bunch of f**kin’ people going, ‘Oh yeah, what about Ronda Rousey?” And I made the mistake saying - hyperbole. I’m the master of hyperbole, I exaggerate all the time - I was like, ‘She could probably beat half the men bantamweights in the UFC.’

That's Rogan, speaking on the latest edition of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast about the former women's bantamweight champion, whom he also previously claimed would be able to beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight among other such hyperboles. Having witnessed Rousey's destruction at the hands of Amanda Nunes firsthand, however, it seems that Rogan is ready to recant.

“That’s definitely not true. I shouldn’t have said it at the time, now it’s definitely not true. She could beat a few that aren’t good outside the sport. Look, if she gets guys on the ground she could f**k a lot of people up. Her Judo is 100 percent legit, her armbars are amongst the best in the business but people were always saying that... Thank god now that she’s lost everyone’s relaxed with that.”

It's quite a turnaround from the Rogan of just a couple years ago.

In case you haven't been following along, here's a brief list of things Rogan has said about Rousey in recent history:

In short, it took a pair of brutal TKO losses for Rogan to learn a lesson that's been taught for eons: Nothing stays gold forever.


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