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Amy Kaplan

The entire UFC fighter roster (that's more than 500 athletes) have been invited to a UFC Athlete Retreat this May. The retreat, which is set for Las Vegas, is meant to bring the fighters up to speed on the new ownership and possible changes to come, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, the new WME-IMG owners, will be present, as well as various musicians, actors, and celebrities from many different genres who are represented by WME-IMG. The hope is that the athletes will be able to mingle with the already established clients to ask questions, seek advice and build a larger unified group.

Forrest Griffin, a UFC Hall of Fame fighter and the UFC’s vice president of Athlete Development, will be on hand to offer tours of the new UFC training facility that is being built for fighters and coaches.

Some fans might recall that the UFC has already been hosting an athlete summit, this will be different and in addition to that already established event.

Is anyone else picturing Jose Aldo and Stipe Miocic doing a bean bag race? Or Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jon Jones entering the egg toss contest? Nope... just me?


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