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TUF Nations winner (and Champions contributor!) Elias Theodorou has a lot more in common with Fabio than you might expect. Aside from having the best hair in MMA — good enough, in fact, to score a partnership with Pert freakin' Plus — "The Spartan" has also branched out into the world of acting, scoring a leading role in an absolutely bonkers-sounding street fighting movie, and even appeared on the covers of a dozen romance novels while working his way up to the UFC.

But there can only be one set of locks to rule them all, and Theodorou knows Fabio doesn't want any of this.

"With his knees, I don't think he'd want to take a fight with me," said Theodorou when we asked him about how he'd fare against the fashion icon.

"You can't beat Father Time."

Right, but what about Fabio in his prime?

"I think in many ways he seems slow, both mentally and physically," said Theodorou, adding more fuel to what has quickly become the most hotly-anticipated bout of 2017. But while Theodorou may be well-seasoned in the art of street fighting, methinks he may be underestimating the 57-year-old Italian actor. This is a man, after all, who once killed a goose with his face while riding a roller coaster. With his face. A chin like that doesn't just crack overnight, especially when it's being regularly treated with what I can only assume are the finest creams and lotions known to man.

Now onto his actual fight with Cezar Ferreira...

Moving past his potential battle for hair supremacy, Theodorou previewed his upcoming main card bout with TUF Brazil winner Cezar Ferreira at Fight Night 105 this weekend. After diagnosing Ferreira's tendecy to get himself in trouble by throwing "spinning sh*t," Theodorou stated his intentions to crack the Brazilian's already shaky chin if presented with the opportunity.

"I think I'm going to chin-check him. He's been knocked out four times, so I'm gonna add a little bit of sweet chin music on his face."

And then, onto Fabio!!!


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